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New Developments, Punto Nima

The Best Places To Buy Home Furniture In Cabo A Look At The 5 Best Places To Buy Furniture In Los Cabos Where Is The Best Place To Buy Furniture In Cabo? Congratulations! You’ve purchased your vacation home in Cabo and it’s everything you have been dreaming of. Now, you just need to know “the best places to buy furniture in Cabo” so that you can begin to furnish your stunning new villa. Your home...

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5 Things You Should Not Do In Cabo

5 Things You Should Not Do In Cabo A List of Things You Should Not Do While Visiting Cabo What Should You Not Do In Cabo San Lucas? Cabo San Lucas offers vacationers an amazing variety of things to do, see and explore. From unspoiled beaches, beautiful ocean views and charming marinas to gourmet restaurants, chic nightclubs and luxury Los Cabos properties. This beautiful Mexican town is a top...

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The Process Of Buying A Home In Cabo

The Process Of Buying A Home In Cabo A Quick Overview Of Buying and Selling In Cabo If you have ever visited Cabo, and thought about going back long after your vacation was over, you may be wondering “what is the process of buying a home in Cabo?”. In the midst of its captivating natural beauty and sunny beaches, Cabo San Lucas offers a wide selection of residential and commercial real estate....

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Is It Expensive To Live In Cabo San Lucas?

Is It Expensive To Live In Cabo San Lucas? Learn About the Cost Of Living In Cabo Are you looking to retire or buy a home in Cabo San Lucas? Are you looking for an amazing place to vacation, but want to know the cost of living first? Well, Cabo San Lucas is an awesome place. The cost of living is much lower than what you might expect. This blog article will outline some of the information you need...

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Grocery Shopping In Los Cabos

Grocery Shopping In Los Cabos Where to Do Your Grocery Shopping When Visiting Cabo If you’re recently arrived in Los Cabos or are thinking of taking up residence in one of the many beautiful homes in Cabo, this article will give you the low down on the grocery shopping scene in Los Cabos. There are plenty of great Mexican grocery stores in Los Cabos where you’ll find locally grown produce, imported...

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Day Of The Dead 2021 In Cabo San Lucas

Day Of The Dead 2021 In Cabo San Lucas the Dia De Los Muertos Celebrations In Los Cabos What is Día de los Muertos? Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) celebrated in Cabo and throughout Mexico, is an essential part of Mexican culture that integrates prehispanic, colonial and mestizo traditions. It is celebrated to honor the memory of the deceased relatives during the beginning of the Catholic holy...

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How Safe Is It To Live In Cabo San Lucas?

How Safe Is It To Live In Cabo San Lucas? Are There Safety Precautions To Take When Traveling To Los Cabos? Is Los Cabos Safe In 2021? With so many looking to start travelling again, or to finally retire in one of the beautiful oceanside Los Cabos properties, the question “how safe is Cabo San Lucas?” is brought up often. This doesn’t come as a surprise as Mexico in general has gotten a lot...

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The 5 Best Restaurants In Cabo You Gotta Eat At!

The 5 Best Restaurants In Cabo You Gotta Eat At! An Overview Of Some Of The Best Places To Eat In Cabo This first-class resort community on the tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, boasts some of the best restaurants in Los Cabos and is truly a foodie town. Cabo San Lucas and its sister city, San José del Cabo, both offer diverse and sophisticated dining options to suit any traveller's tastes and...

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Cabo San Lucas Vs. San Jose Del Cabo

Cabo San Lucas Vs. San Jose Del Cabo learn which vacation destination in los cabos is right for you Everybody has an opinion – especially when it comes to the topic of Cabo San Lucas versus San José del Cabo. Those of you who have vacationed in Los Cabos may already know which you prefer and why but if you’re planning a trip to Mexico soon…this article is for you. Often confused for one another,...

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What Is The Weather Like In Los Cabos?

What is the weather like in los cabos Learn the best months to travel to los cabos according to the weather Los Cabos, a luxury destination in Mexico, is known for its bright turquoise waters, its limitless nightlife options, and its quaint seaside resorts. Whether you are planning to visit Cabo on vacation, a business trip, or you’re looking to finally retire in one of the many beautiful Los Cabos...

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