Todos Santos

After years of neglect and a much-needed transformation, the enchanting town of Todos Santos is getting more attention as a new road is being paved and investors are drawn to the area . Thanks to the proactive efforts of Governor Victor Castro, the town’s main street, which had long been left to deteriorate, will soon undergo a major revitalization project. The governor’s determination to improve the town’s infrastructure comes at a crucial time, as the federal government had recently withdrawn its financial support for the development of Magical Towns.

Pristine crescent-shaped Playa Los Cerritos is located just a short drive from the town of Todos Santos. This beach is renowned for the area’s safest swimming and best place for both beginner and more advanced surfers year-round. Winter offers the best surf breaks.

Iconic Hotel California in Todos Santos has just been sold to a certainly selective buyer, local and long time visitors hope for a revamping of the famous hotel landmarked by this beautiful town.

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