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Direct Flights on the Horizon: Los Cabos Awaits!

Exciting news for travelers from San Antonio, Texas, and Miami, Florida—Los Cabos might soon be a direct flight away! The Los Cabos Tourism Fund (FITURCA) is buzzing with the possibility of making trips to our sunny paradise more straightforward than ever.

Currently, journeys from these cities require a layover, but that could change. FITURCA is in discussions with American Airlines and JetBlue, exploring the idea of non-stop flights that would directly connect travelers to the beauty of Los Cabos.

A key meeting set for March is expected to reveal further details. This development could significantly enhance the travel experience for those looking to indulge in the natural beauty and relaxation Los Cabos offers.

Stay tuned and keep your vacation gear ready. Direct flights could transform your next visit to Los Cabos, making it easier and faster to reach our welcoming shores. The future of travel to Los Cabos is looking brighter and more accessible.

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La Paz Triathlon: A Sunday of Endurance and Excitement

Gear up for an exhilarating Sunday in La Paz as the malecon turns into a triathlon battleground. It’s a day where the swim-bike-run enthusiasts showcase their endurance against the picturesque backdrop of the seafront. The event kicks off at 6:00 am, with a portion of the malecon reserved exclusively for the athletes, providing spectators a clear view of the competition.

For those eager to join or cheer, details are available here: La Paz Triathlon Sign Up. Whether competing or supporting, it’s a fantastic way to experience the energy and unity of the triathlon community.

Join us on the malecon for a celebration of fitness, determination, and the breathtaking scenery of La Paz. It’s not just a race; it’s an event that captures the spirit of sportsmanship and community. See you there!

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A Tale of Two Cities: The Potential Split of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose

Exciting developments are on the horizon for Santiago, Buenavista, as the “Punto Blanco” project prepares to enter the public domain for review. With a budget of $3 million, this ambitious plan promises to introduce new hotels and residences, showcasing democracy in action where every opinion matters.

Environmental advocates are keeping a close watch, voicing concerns over the impact on the iconic Cabo Pulmo. This area, known for its remarkable recovery of marine life and coral reefs, stands as a testament to successful conservation efforts against overfishing and neglect.

The community now stands at a crossroads, deliberating the future of “Punto Blanco.” It’s a debate between economic growth and environmental preservation, with significant implications for both. As discussions unfold, stay engaged to witness the next steps in this evolving story.

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A Tale of Two Cities: The Potential Split of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose

Rumblings of a major change have the community buzzing: Could Cabo San Lucas and San Jose become two separate municipalities? The idea, rooted in years of discussions among residents, suggests using the El Tule arroyo as a natural boundary to define two distinct territories.

This proposed division has far-reaching implications. San Jose might inherit the economically vibrant areas of Santiago, Miraflores, and Buenavista, while Cabo could end up with Migriño, known for its adventure tourism but not as a revenue leader. At the heart of the debate is a critical concern: Cabo’s reliance on San Jose for potable water.

The community is polarized, with arguments weighing the potential for more localized governance against the logistical challenges, especially regarding water supply.

As we find ourselves at this potential crossroads, the question looms: Will the benefits of splitting outweigh the obstacles? This discussion isn’t just about territory; it’s about envisioning the future identity and sustainability of our community. Stay tuned as this story unfolds, signaling perhaps a new chapter in our shared history.


Unexpected Guest: Deer Strolls Medano Beach

An early morning on Medano Beach brought a surprise visitor that turned an ordinary day into an extraordinary experience. A young Black Tail deer, stepping straight out of nature’s script, ventured near the Cascadas resort arroyo, captivating everyone in sight.

The sight of wildlife amid the beach’s calmness was both startling and awe-inspiring. Beachgoers, caught between surprise and delight, watched as the deer explored the shoreline with elegance. The encounter was peaceful, with most onlookers maintaining a respectful distance, yet filled with a sense of wonder.

This unexpected visit highlighted the beautiful intersections of nature with our daily spaces, especially in a diverse ecosystem like Medano Beach. The encounter left a lasting impression, reminding us of the serendipitous moments of wildness that can emerge, even in the most familiar settings. A day at the beach suddenly transformed into a memorable wildlife adventure, illustrating the unpredictable beauty of nature.

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