The notary public has several key functions in the process of transferring the legal ownership from the selling party to the buying party Collecting taxes, witnessing the signatures are a few of these functions but today we will be talking about the documentation that is required to be delivered to the notary from the selling party of the property.

Identificacion Oficial – Official Identification

This would include for Mexicans INE or passport. For foreigners it basically includes only the passport.

Cedula Catastral – Cadastral Certificate

This document basically lists out the quantity of meters of the property, the government assesed value of the land and building for the basis of the anual property tax, and other information regarding the property.

Ultimo Pago Predial – Last Property Tax Receipt

Property taxes are paid on an annual basis These are due by April of each year. Most states in Mexico give incentives for early payments with discounts such as 25% if paid in December, 15% if paid in January, 10% if paid in February for example The Mexican notary public will require the copy of the last property tax receipt which should correspond to the present year of the sale of the property.

Certificado Libertad de Gravamen – Certificate Free From Liens and Encumbrances

TIME: approximately 3 days

COST: $169 pesos

REQUIRED DOCS: last property taxes paid and current, official id of land owner, copy of the cadastral certificate

Cerficiado de No Deudo Predial – Certificate of No Liability Property Taxes

TIME: approximately 7 days

COST: $285 pesos

REQUIRED DOCS:folio number of the property

Certificado de No Deudo Agua – Certificate of No Liability Water Services

TIME: approximately 3 days

COST: $72 pesos

REQUIRED DOCS: copy of your last water bill paid and current

Certificado de No Deudo Obra Estatal – Certificate of No Liability State Works

TIME: approximately 2 days

COST: $201 pesos

REQUIRED DOCS:last property taxes paid and current

Certificado de No Deudo Obra Municipal – Certificate of No Liability City Works

TIME: approximately 3 days

COST:sum of your last property tax paid plus $380 pesos

REQUIRED DOCS:copy of the cadastral certificate, copy of your last property tax paid and current

These are the main documents which the notary public will request in order to execute the legal transfer of the property from a seller to the acquiring buyer If you need help in realizing any of these procedures or have any questions regarding these themes, feel free to contact us.

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